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Donating plasma in my early 20’s actually used to make me feel better…because they really juice you up on saline IV fluids. I was very impoverished for a time and would donate plasma every 72 hours for extra money to eat…did this for a couple of months. What they do is hook you up to a machine that takes some blood out, maybe a pint or so, and spins it to separate the plasma, then sends the rest of the blood back into you. Meanwhile, they dump a huge IV bag into you, simultaneously. You wind up with all that extra hydration. I used to get the chills something fierce (this was summer in New Orleans, too!) but other than that, it made me feel better. Was thinking about that because of my recent surgery and how much better the saline IV made me feel. I would totally like to give myself one at home once or twice a week, if I could! Imagine a Potsie Posse IV Pole Dance Party! Ha!